EcoBabyMamaDrama~Falling Into Fluff

Be sure to head on over to Eco Baby Mama Drama for the falling into fluff event!

In honor of baby Tates recovery from his battle with C-diff and us being given the Dr.’s blessings to get back into cloth diapers I am proud to announce a huge celebration that will include some wonderful products that we have had the opportunity to use!  Several of the amazing sponsors are also offering giveaways of products and gift certificates to their stores.


3 thoughts on “EcoBabyMamaDrama~Falling Into Fluff

  1. How did you clean your cloth diapers to kill c. diff? I know I am supposed to use bleach, but can you tell me more specifics? Are my contaminated diapers ruined?

    • I use tide free & cler for regular washing. Nellies oxygen bleach for stains or I sun them ( line dry in the sun). The sun is a natural antiseptic 🙂 Bleach won’t ruin them if you only did it once but I would advise against it in the future. I always do a cold rinse, the hot wash with detergent I use about 1/2 the recommended amount, followed by as many cold rinses as you need until there is no suds. A lot of people are acted to use too much detergent so they don’t get build up, but as long as you are rinsing until there are no suds, you won’t have that problem 🙂 hope that helps!!

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