Broody Chick’s 500 fan giveaway!

Please help me win the Broody Chick 500 fan contest. All you have to do is like their Facebook page and then post on their wall that Momo Ⓥ Mitchell sent you! They are currently at 311 fans, so I need all the help I can get. I am currently in the lead and would love to keep it that way. If any of you out there have kids, than you know just how expensive diapers can be, especially enviromentally friendly ones.

If anyone would like me to do them a simple favor in return just post so in the comments and as long as I can pull it off, I will! Many thanks in advance!!!

Here is a little blurb from their website in case you are interested in what they are all about…

Broody Chick Natural products is a Canadian company based in Victoria BC. It was created by a mother of 3 young boys who became tired of trying to find earth friendly chemical free products for her children, products that contained no unnecessary parabens, preservatives, petroleum bases or fake aromas.

Out of the desire to provide only the best for her children, Broody Chick was formed encompassing a range of skin care, creams, soaps and washes. At first, the products were made at home on the kitchen range, but soon the products became so popular with friends that, a small cottage industry was formed.

Now based in Sidney BC, all of the creams and soap products are still hand made by the founder and her family, sourcing the best basic ingredients from local suppliers (wherever possible to keep it Canadian) and distributed to like minded retail and grocery outlets, or via our web site. Broody Chick can now offer a wide range of high quality, all natural skin care for the whole family, made with only natural ingredients, using the proven healing and therapeutic properties of essential oils, no harsh chemicals or preservative or unnecessary colorants. We are also very proud to introduce to North America the very first fully compostable and bio-degradable, disposable diapers and wipes.

A percentage of all profits are donated to help support the Victoria Hospital foundation for the child care and neo-natal units.

It is our mission to protect and preserve our children and they’re world. We make responsible, ethical choices to reduce waste, recyle, and preserve our environment. We don’t need fancy packaging, we don’t want high prices. We don’t test on animals.


We try to choose wisely because we care.


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