Galaxy Nutritional Foods Cream Cheese Review!

Galaxy Nutritional Foods has an awesome variety of delicious, vegan, cheese alternatives. With both soy & rice based cheeses, they have an option for everyone. Their newest product is the Vegan Cream Cheese, which comes in two flavors, Classic Plain and Chive & Garlic. Both are dairy, cholesterol and gluten free as well as Kosher certified.

Both flavors are nice and rich, with a smooth, creamy texture. Originally I had planned on making a cheesecake but decided instead, I wanted to make a citrus infused, cream cheese glaze for some carrot cake cupcakes! I used the Carrot Cake recipe from Vegetarian Times February 2009 issue and then my own spin on the VCTOTW Cream Cheese Frosting.

I am very pleased with this cream cheese, it worked out perfectly. I have a couple ideas for the Chive & Garlic flavour but would love to hear suggestions on what you guys would like to see me make next!!!\

Until next time,
                            xoxoxo  ❤ Momo  


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