Sugar Free Almond Butter Cookies

*Edited to add: I am almost tempted to call these Marzipan cookies, they have that taste to them without the salt.

I am back on the sugar free wagon! No natural sugars or artificial sweeteners other than Xylitol and Stevia. I am not a huge fan of Stevia because it has a weird aftertaste and I also find it hard to figure out the proper ratios in some recipes. If something calls for 1/2 cup of sugar, that’s maybe a tsp or two of Stevia but that is a huge difference, what will it do to the texture, moistness, etc…I just recently found Xylitol at the health food store as well as the regular grocery store so I this is my first recipe with it. It looks just like sugar and has the same ratios, it’s not crazy swet like Stevia so I have high hopes. I chose Almond Butter Cookies because I cannot have peanut butter due to the Candida and I am still trying to rid my body of it naturaly rather than with antibiotics. It’s taking a lot longer because I had a bit of a binge the past two months. I stray easily from routine when I have no obligations which is exactly what happened recently but back to the cookies.

I seem to have misplaced my recipe holder which had a great 3 ingredient recipe for peanit butter cookies, I figured I could easily convert it but I remembered it had egg and I’m not sure how flax eggs, almond butter & Xylitol would end up as a cookie so I googled “easy peanut butter cookies vegan” and found this recipe. I`ll just sub the pb for almond butter, Xylitol for sugar and use spelt flour.

After I made the cookies I realized the recipe had no salt in it, they were very sweet. I think partly because there was no salt and the almond butter (which I subbed for pb which is much saltier); I also used was raw and naturally on the sweeter side. The second batch got a sprinkle of salt on top so they weren’t so overwhelmingly sweet. I would recommend adding a tsp of salt if you make these. Other than those few hiccups I would say these are a hit!


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