Soup n Burgers. I’m no food critic…MoFo Day 18!

I’m no food critic but I know what I like! Being vegan can be challenging at times when it comes to pre-made and fast foods. There are a lot of “misses”, luckily I have come across a few “hits”. I have been on a search for a flavourful, moist veggie burger. I still don`t know why so many companies market the burgers with egg or milk or cheese in them. They would be reaching a much larger demographic by not including any animal products but I guess that just makes the vegan finds even more special.

Today I putting the Sol Veggie Burger and Amy’s Lentil Soup under the microscope.

Let’s start with the burgers. What I like about these most is the fact that there aren’t a whole bunch of ingredients I can’t pronounce. A nice simple, clean burger that has a nice flavour, not eerily tasting of beef and not your traditional, rice or mushroom based burger. I ate the burger on a peice of sourdough with a but of kethcup, while not very exciting, I felt the burger held it’s own, not needing the typical burger dressings to make it edible. However, with all the fixings I think this could please veggie’s and omni’s alike.

Next up is Amy’s Lentil Soup. I have always been a fan of their products, while some are still not vegan friendly it is the one brand widely carried in my city that has more options than the latter. I feel like this soup is a good start but could use a little something. Salt comes to mind, as does garlic and maybe some more vegetables. It is much better than a lot of soups out there but I still think my favorite is the Black Bean Soup, perfect with diced avocados on top.

Like I said before I am no food critic, I think that’s apparent but I do know good food. I give the Sol Veggie Burgers a 7.5/10 and the Amy’s Lentil Soup a 6/10. Not bad for a quick lunch when you don’t really feel like putting any effort into it. I’ll be back tomorrow with a chick’n caesar salad and possibly some sweet treats!


4 thoughts on “Soup n Burgers. I’m no food critic…MoFo Day 18!

  1. I agree that the Amy's lentil needs more salt. For an even lighter soup choice, Amy's lentil vegetable is really good, but, yes, also in need of more salt. πŸ˜‰ I've never heard of Sol burgers, but they look so good I'll definitely try them if I ever happen to find them!Also, I ran into a bit of trouble at the post office (line not moving while one a short break from work), so I didn't get your packet of coupons mailed out today. I won't have any trouble mailing them out tomorrow, though. Hopefully they'll get to you by late next week!

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