Bakemania! Vegan Mofo 13 in which I use too many !!!

I intended on getting up nice and early this morning but a bad dream kept me in it’s trance for too long 😦 I finally dragged my butt out of bed around 9:30, the boyfriend and I hopped in the truck and headed to our friend’s place! While the men worked on their trucks, us ladyfolk had a funfilled day of baking! It’s been a long time since I did any baking since I am on this whole no sugar dealy, but I figured one day of fun with sweet treats in the kitchen wouldn’t kill me. On the agenda, rice krispie Treats[plain & chocolate covered], snickerdoodles, chocolate peanut butter pillows and carrot muffins. We wanted to do oatmeal chocolate chip cookies as well but we ran out of time. First up are the rice krispie treats, originally the plan was to do a nice chocolate drizzle on one batch but we kind of failed at the drizzle aspect and ended up making a thin layer on top instead.

These are always a crowd pleaser and a no brainer since the recipe is right on the box! The only substitutions you need to make them vegan are dandies (or any other vegan mallow) and vegan margarine. With only 4 ingredients total and minimal time needed these are a nice quick treat! and here are the choco treats!

Next up are snickerdoodles, my favorite cookie of  them all! I first discovered these when I was 13, my Dad’s wife used to make them all the time! These too are super easy to veganize, we used this recipe.
Here they are all ready to go into the oven! I like to leave out the fork smush, I find they are fluffier that way.

All puffy and ready to eat!

Next up are the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pillows which I have made a number of times! We used Isa’s recipe, pretty sure it is the only one (that matters anyway).

We also ended up making a chocolate peanut butter sushi type roll with the leftovers, it cracked and broke a little but still tasted great. Unfortunately the photo does it no justice so I shall leave that to your imagination πŸ™‚

Last but not least our carrot muffins that turned into carrot, apple, pecan, raisin muffins topped with coconut! We used this recipe (omitting the oil, using 2 cups of applesauce, 6 rounded tsps flax powder for the egg replacer, 1/2 cup pecan peices, 1/2 cup golden raisins, 3 cups carrot, 1 large granny smith apple). They turned out beautifully!

Of course what baking date is complete without a picture of your fabulous bakers!!! That’s me on the left and Kayla on the right πŸ™‚ Sweet dreams >.<


3 thoughts on “Bakemania! Vegan Mofo 13 in which I use too many !!!

  1. O.M.G. I just made krispie treats last night for the first time in years (like 3 or more?) using Dandies while my fiance was taking a nap… I decided to be nice and restrain myself, NOT eating the entire pan before he woke up. So good, and if possible, even better than I remember!

  2. I like adding pumpkin spice(cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg & ginger) to my rice krispies during the holiday season! Another great version is to use almond extract instead of vanilla πŸ™‚

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